Short stories and drama

What is the differences between Short Stories and Drama?

Short stories and drama are dissimilar in many ways but they share many of the identical fundamentals. The prime variance is that drama is written for the stage and is dependent on the expertise of the actors to get the story across whereas the short story is told by the writer who is able to add his own explanation to the interchange and capable of telling the audience about the effect that happens and comments have on the characters; thus making sure that we know accurately what the writer is willing to inform us; something that is done by inference in the play. In addition, the drama must be performed but it is not always possible to do that. For example, if the writer of the drama tries to put a scene of swimming but if the actor or actress cannot swim then this scene is not possible to perform whereas the short story writer does not have any limit; he can put any idea on that, whatever he like. However, they both signify some feelings, life story, ideas and the views, just one need to be performed other’s needed to read.

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