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My Role Model

A role model is someone in your life that influenced your life in a positive and sustainable way. He can help someone’s life to shape the future endeavor. They are someone who look for advice in a very tough condition and know that they will give me words of understanding. A role model is someone with whom I never feel discomfited talking my problems which will not be revealed to anyone about me. A role model can be a movie character, a teacher, a philosopher, a researcher, a family member or anyone who can inspire you to find the destination.
Generally, it is very difficult to define the role model. Typically, a role model is someone who is smart, honest, brave, tough, kind, considerate and fun. Not that every role model is perfect unless it is somebody out of a fairy-tale. Role models are people who may be exceptional in only one or two regions.
My hero is someone, dedicated to stop violence and make peace in the world, involved in research activities, engaged in social welfare and honest and trustworthy.   
Prof. Dr. Jahir Bin Alam, the head of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, an author of lots of research journals, is my role model whom I do follow in my life and respect him very much.  Mr. Adnan Alam is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, University of Science and Technology. He finished his doctorate from England in environmental engineering. Beyond his academic performance, he is a wonderful personality to follow, to admire and to dream to be like him. He was the supervisor of my undergraduate thesis and I found his very much helpful on that. Whenever I faced any problem regarding my research ideas, I found him very much cooperative and he gave me a lot of authentic and appropriate ideas of my thesis research.
Because of him, I got my own pathway to follow, my own destiny. He always made sure I do my best in whatever I do. Even though it might be hard or difficult Mr. Alam makes me do it. Mr. Jahir Bin Alam is the ideal role model for me because he is everything a role model should be, loving, funny, serious, honest, and nice to be around, and smart.
I wish him all the success in his future endeavor.

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