Why is proper referencing so important?
The world is said to be in our hand. The open sources of information make the scholar very upgraded in their research. We can easily access those sites in the web, and can see all the sources of research articles of the world leading and updated researchers. The open access journals, informations, newspapers, blogs and reviews available in internet are the great sources of knowledge especially for the undergraduate and graduate students. However, it is very important to cite references properly and appropriately in scientific research papers to concede your sources and show the gratitude to the main author. Science progresses forward only by proceeding the other works and researches and trying to improve or doing further research.  However, citing references in scientific research papers indicates that you have done extensive homework and have done the literature review to do an authentic research. The Reference citations also allow the readers to follow up the original research articles to get the detailed information. The sources that need to be cited are not restricted to books and journal articles, but include internet sites, computer software, written and e-mail correspondence, and blogs. So that the referencing is very urgent to make the research articles a decent one that can be useful for others to get the details information of the researches for the further readings.

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